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What we learn in school, what we see and hear in the media is not reality... In a world of fake news and fake science, like in the movie the Matrix, the reality of our world, is quite different from what we have been led to believe.

We all need to take responsiblity for our physical, mental and spritual well being. It is not the goverments and corporations that will do it for us. Taking charge of our lives requires us to have our eyes open and be in our reality.

If, like in the Matrix movie, someone wants to take the red pill in order to see the reality as it is, where to begin? You will find below a list of documentary videos and films called "Reality 101". There are thousands of videos available in YouTube land and some of the best have been chosen and included in this list.

They have been sequenced in a logical order so as to build the basic building blocks and then move on from there. It is probable that in time some videos get added that for a new listener should be positioned higher up in the list and not added at the end. These will get inserted in the right position and the remaining items renumbered. You can consult the Recented Added section on the main page for the list of recent additions and updates.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send them by email.


Two categories of videos

Two categories of videos are found in the list below:

  1. Uplifting videos / Taking Charge of our Lives

    These videos are meant to be uplifing and inspire us to take charge of our lives. These have sequence numbers highlighed in orange.

  2. Delving Deeper - Understanding How We Got Here

    For some, it is important to delve deeper and understand how we got here. The videos with unhighlighted sequence numbers are for those who want to do a deeper dive and do not mind if the videos and darker and at times more negative.


Reality 101 Video List

Part 1: False Flags - 9/11

It doesn't take much digging to see that the official 9/11 narrative does not hold up unless you believe that laws of physics were temporarily suspended in New York City on September 11, 2001 and that a number of other miracles happened that day. Could this possibly be a false flag event?

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9/11: Explosive Evidence - The Experts Speak Out (2012)


This full-length documentary produced by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth features interviews with more than 40 highly qualified experts: high-rise archtitects, structural, fire protection, and chemical engineers, physicists, explosive experts, and controlled demolition technicians.

These experts expose the fraudulent World Trade Center reports and present the explosive evidence for the controlled demolition of all 3 WTC high-rises on 9/11.

YouTube: Full movie (Final Edition)
YouTube: World Premier (Full movie plus commentaries before and after the film from producers) (02:26:39)

Official Movie Web site: (Buy the DVD)


Behind the Smoke Curtain: What Happened at the Pentagon on 9/11 (Second Edition) (2015)


Barbara Honegger speaking in Seattle, January 12, 2013, on what happened and what didn't happen at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. This video conclusively demonstrates that, like the WTC attacks, the official narrative for the Pentagon crash is not possible.

This Second Edition contains a few updates and corrections from the original 2013 version. Updated in 2015.

YouTube: Full movie (Final Edition)

Official Movie Web site:

Digging deeper: False Flags - 9/11

Additional resources for those who want to explore 9/11 further:

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9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed! (2012)


This video brings together a lot of research done into the 9/11 event and raises a great many questions

YouTube: Documentary


The Corbett Report - Episode 308: 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money (2015-09-12)


After listening to the preceding 9/11 videos, one logical conclusion is that 9/11 was a crime. And as with any crime, there is one overriding imperative that detectives must follow to identify the perpetrators: follow the money. This is an investigation of the 9/11 money trail.

Youtube: Direct link to video - Ep.308 page (with transcript and sources)


False Flags with Richard Dolan

11 part series, each episode approx. 30 minutes

If you want to find out more about false flags, historian and author Richard Dolan has produced an excellent must watch 11 part series on false flags available on Gaia at You must be a subscriber to watch but they have a promotion where it is $0.99 for the first month.

Richard Dolan guides us through the history and implementation of covert operations, and the resultant media coverage, to reveal the ulterior motives behind such actions. He states that we live in a world of illusions designed to keep us in a state of confusion and feeling hopeless. But we can free ourselves from these shackles of deception as we learn how this game is being played out, right before our very eyes. He shows us that false flag operations and propaganda are tools used to achieve specific ends that would otherwise be impossible to justify. The series examines details from various historical events, from the great fire of Rome to the 9/11 attacks, to uncover the consequences for everyone involved.

Richard Dolan is the author of many fine books and will be coming out in early 2018 with False Flags: A History of Deception. For more details, visit his web site at


Part 2: Environment - Sustainable Agriculture

For millenia, agricultural practices have been sustainable and in harmony with the environment. With the advent of "modern agricultural science", this balance has been lost and our soils are quickly degrading, the quality of the foods deteriorating and even becoming toxic. Some modern day farmers are rediscovering that it is possible to do commercial farming and ranching in a way that respects how nature works.

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Dirt: The Movie (2009)


Presents the importance of respecting the dirt/earth and how it is an integral part of sustainable agricultural practices. Also presents issues with modern commercial agricultural practices.

YouTube: Full movie, Trailer
Amazon: Rent or purchase

Facebook: Official page
Film Web Site: Official site


50 Years Ago, This Was a Wasteland. He Changed Everything (2017)


Short National Geographic Documentary how a man took baren land, planted grasses and brought it back to life.

YouTube: Full movie

Selah Bamberger Ranch Preserve: Official Site


How Wolves Change Rivers (2014)

How Whales Change Climate (2014)



Wolves were once native to the US' Yellowstone National Park -- until hunting wiped them out. When, in 1995, wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States after being absent nearly 70 years, something interesting happened: the rest of the park began to find a new, more healthful balance.

YouTube: Video montage on Wolves

When whales were at their historic populations, before their numbers were reduced, it seems that whales might have been responsible for removing tens of millions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere every year. Whales change the climate. The return of the great whales, if they are allowed to recover, could be seen as a benign form of geo-engineering. It could undo some of the damage we have done, both to the living systems of the sea, and to the atmosphere.

YouTube: Video montage on Whales

Digging Deeper:

This audio from these two videos is a montage taken from a TED talk given by George Monbiot in July 2013 at the TEDGlobal conference entitled: For More Wonder, Rewild the World (00:15:10)


Alan Savory: How To Fight Desertification and Reverse Climate Change (2013)


"Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert," begins Allan Savory in this quietly powerful talk. And it's happening to about two-thirds of the world's grasslands, accelerating climate change and causing traditional grazing societies to descend into social chaos. Savory has devoted his life to stopping it. He now believes -- and his work may show -- that a surprising factor can protect grasslands and even reclaim degraded land that was once desert. Presentation


One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts (2016)

Soil Carbon Cowboys (2014)



Will Harris, owner of White Oak Pastures in rural Georgia, shares his journey from industrialized beef production to sustainable, humane agricultural and environmental stewardship.

Vimeo: One Hundred Tousand Beating Hearts (2016) (00:14:57)


Meet Allen Williams, Gabe Brown and Neil Dennis - heroes and innovators! These ranchers now know how to regenerate their soils while making their animals healthier and their operations more profitable. They are turning ON their soils, enabling rainwater to sink into the earth rather than run off. And these turned ON soils retain that water, so the ranches are much more resilient in drought. It's an amazing story that has just begun.

Vimeo: Soil Carbon Cowboys (2014) (00:12:22)


Digging Deeper

Here are other videos by producer Peter Byck. His website is

  • Vimeo: Givers & Takers (2017) (00:09:21)

    Don Jackson wanted to change his grazing methods, and he called Allen Williams for help. Allen helped Don transition from continuous grazing to AMP (Adaptive Multi-Paddock) grazing. This film is in Don's first year of the transition - filmed in May, 2015, it's in Don's 1st growing season. Don (and his son Patrick) can see huge changes already, especially in the amount of forage they can produce, the improved health of their cattle, and the increase in beneficial insects.

  • Vimeo: I Sell Water and Sunshine (2017) (00:13:06)

  • Vimeo: A Fence and An Owner (2017) (00:09:39)

    At the Ranney Ranch in Corona, New Mexico, Adaptive Multi-Paddock (AMP) grazing is working - and was implemented during a 15 year drought.

  • Vimeo: During the Drought (2017) (00:12:21)

    Michael Thompson is regenerating his soils in Kansas with no-till, cover-crops and Adaptive Multi-Paddock (AMP) grazing - giving his farm resilience during the severe 2011 and 2012 droughts.

  • Vimeo: The Luckiest Places On Earth (2016) (00:24:16)

  • Vimeo: Soil Carbon Curious (2015) (00:06:25)

    Adaptive Multi-Paddock grazing (AMP grazing) is regenerating soils around the world, producing healthy grass-finished beef. But the science on AMP grazing is sparse, to say the least. Now, a group of leading soil, rangeland, bug and social scientists are setting out to fill the science gap. Led by Dr. Richard Teague of Texas A&M, and convened by filmmaker Peter Byck of Arizona State University, the ASU•Soil Carbon Nation Whole Systems Science Team is positioned to do large scale science that's never been done before.


Part 3: Health - Nutrition as Medicine

Our body is like a car. Put high quality fuel in your car and it will run well. Keep using low quality contaminated gas in your tank and your it won't take long before your vehicle starts having major problems. Similarly, give your body what it needs, it will stay healthy an vibrant. Feed it our modern day highly processed fast food diet, it will start breaking down.

Content Summary / Link


Dr. Michael Gregor - Food as Medicine: Preventing and Treating the Most Common Diseases with Diet (2015-08-03)


2015 Annual presentation by Dr. Michael Gregor of presenting latest scientific research showing that a proper diet can prevent and in many cases reverse most major illnesses. - full presentation

Digging Deeper - Other year's presentations:

  • 2012 presentation - Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death (00:55:49)
  • 2013 presentation - More than an Apple a Day: Combating Common Diseases (01:02:02)
  • 2014 presentation - From Table to Able: Combating Disabling Diseases with Food (00:54:20)
  • 2016 presentation - HOW NOT TO DIE: The Role of Diet in Preventing, Arresting, & Reversing Our Top 15 Killers (1:22:14)


Part 4: Business - Centralization: Oligarchies and Big Business

In the past century, there has been a push towards centralization, oligarchies and big business. Small business and competition must be eliminated at all costs.

Content Summary / Link


Part 1: How Big Oil Conquered the World (The Corbett Report - Episode 310) (2015-12-28)


From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinner plate, pipeline to plastic product, it is impossible to think of an area of our modern-day lives that is not affected by the oil industry. The story of oil is the story of the modern world. And this is the story of those who helped shape that world, and how the oil-igarchy they created is on the verge of monopolizing life itself. Transcript and links
YouTube: Direct link to presentation


Part 2: Why Big Oil Conquered the World (The Corbett Report) (2017-10-06)


The 20th century was the century of oil. From farm to fork, factory to freeway, there is no aspect of our modern life that has not been shaped by the oil industry. But as the "post-carbon" era of the 21st century comes into view, there are those who see this as the end of the oiligarchy. They couldn't be more wrong. This is the remarkable true story of the world that Big Oil is creating, and how they plan to bring it about. Video, transcript and links
YouTube: Direct link to presentation

Digging Deeper:

James Corbett was unable to fit everything he wanted to say in his 2 part documentary so he has made some followup videos:

  • The Corbett Report - Episode 322: What is Sustainable Development (2017-10-20)

    We’ve all heard of “sustainable development,” but what does it actually mean? Is it really about protecting the earth, or is it just another tool for foisting an agenda of carbon eugenics and technocracy? The Corbett Report rips off the green mask of the oiligarchs and expose the 2030 Agenda for what it really is.

  • The Corbett Report - Episode 324: Data is the New Oil (2017-11-25)

    In this follow up to Why Big Oil Conquered the World, James further explores the concept of technocracy. If “Data is the New Oil” then what does that tell us about the 21st century oligarchy and the world that they are creating? And, once we understand the technocratic prison they are creating, how do we escape it?



Part 5: Health - GMOs: Genetically Modified Organisms

GMOs have been touted as the savior of modern agriculture. Is it really, or is it a toxic alternative to In the past century, there has been a push towards centralization, oligarchies and big business. Small business and competition must be eliminated at all costs.

Content Summary / Link


The World According to Monsanto (2008)


Presents the dark side of Monstanto: Agent Orange, PCB, and GMO and the tactics they use to supresss the truth.

With GMO seeds, these are owned as their property, therefore royalties can be collected. By controlling the seed, they control food.

YouTube: Full movie
YouTube: Full movie with French subtitles

Digging Deeper:


Dr. Michael Gregor - - Are GMOs Safe? The Case of Roundup Ready Soy (2014-11-12)


Shows a study comparing how much glyphosate are found in (1) organic crops, (2) crops where the ground sprayed with Roundup before planting, and (3) GMO seeds with Roundup sprayed on them.Roundup Full presentation


Dr. Michael Gregor - - Is Monsanto’s Roundup Pesticide Glyphosate Safe? (2014-11-13)


Most studies on health impacts of Roundup have been made using Glyphosate (the active ingredent in roundup). What is actually sprayed by farmers on crops is not pure Glyphosate but Roundup which contains a variety of adjuvants and surfactants meant to help the glyphosate penetrate into tissues. Studies have shown that Roundup is 100 times more toxic in humans than glyphosate itself. Full presentation


Part 6: Health - Big Pharma and the Medical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies have gradually taken over the medical profession. When one starts digging a bit, one quickly sees our modern medical system has unfortunately put profits before our health and well being.

Content Summary / Link


Dr Peter Gøtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime (2015)


Big Pharma drugs kill around 200,000 Americans every year – half of them die while doing what their doctors told them. Sadly, the side effects and medical errors combine to cause the 3rd leading cause of death in America.

Dr. Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD is a Danish medical researcher and the author of Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare

In this video interview courtesy of Dr. John McDougall, he exposes how the pharmaceutical companies stealthily act as an organized crime ring unbeknownst to the consumer.

The synergistic effects of the multiple drugs people take at the same time are not understood and can can interact in the body very differently than if each drug was taken individually. Article and links
YouTube: Direct link to interview

Digging deeper: Big Pharma and the Medical Industry

Additional resources for those who want to explore the impacts of big pharma and the medical industry on human health:

Content Summary / Link


Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business (2011)


This documentary tells the true story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest, and possibly the most convoluted and intriguing legal battle against the Food & Drug Administration in American history.

This presents very vividly an example of how proponents of alternative cures are targetted and silenced.

YouTube: Full documentary
Official web site:


Part 7: Business - Astroturfing and the Manipulation of Communication

The messages we get from sources such as media and web sites contain more and more artificial paid-for reality where truth gets mixed with the narratives that companies, organizations and governments want to put out.

Content Summary / Link


Astroturf and manipulation of media messages - by Sharyl Attkisson (2015 TEDx Talk at University of Nevada, Reno)


Veteran investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson shows how astroturf, or fake
grassroots movements are funded. She is the author of Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama's Washington (2015) and more recently The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote.

We increasingly get and artificial paid-for reality we get… and this talk shows how to recognize the truth.

“Astroturf seeks to manipulate you into changing your opinion by making it seem as if you’re an outlier–when you’re not.”

“Hallmarks of astroturf and propaganda include use of inflammatory language such as quack, crank, nutty, pseudo, paranoid and conspiracy.”

“Beware when an interest addresses an issue by controversializing or attacking the people, personalities and organizations surrounding the issue rather than the facts. That could be astroturf.” Article and link
YouTube: Direct link to presentation

Digging deeper: Astroturfing and the Manipulation of Communication

Additional resources for those who want to explore the impacts of astroturfing and the manipulation of the information we are exposed to every day:

Content Summary / Link


American Council On Science + Health Funded by Corporations (2013)


  • YouTube: Video

    This short clip provides a good example of an organization that is being funded by corporations that have a financial stake in the scientific debates that the group is addressing.

    The American Council on Science and Health is a self proclaimed independent research and advocacy organization devoted to debunking "junk science", which is the term that they use for the activist science and health organizations that actually seem to be looking out for us. Does the ACSH have the public's best interest at heart, or are they only looking out for the interests of the organizations who are paying them for it like Coca Cola, Monsanto, Chevron and McDonalds? Lissette Padilla and Mark Sovel discuss this and more, in this clip from the Lip News.
7C Deadly Disinformation: How Drug Companies Use Astroturfing to Get Us Hooked (2016)   The Best Schools Magazine: Article


Part 8: Environment - Geoengineering and Weather Modification

We keep hearing that our different weather patterns is caused by man made CO2 emissions. climate change. After listening to the talks below, one starts to wonder how much our local weather patterns are due to geoengineering and the hand of man.

Content Summary / Link


Geoengineering, Weather Modification, and Weaponizing Nature by Jim Lee (2016-12-03)


This is a Presentation by Jim Lee of ClimateViewer News given at the Freedom Force International’s 3rd Congress in Phoenix, Arizona. December 3, 2016. Factual and well researched presentation into the 100 year history of geoengineering and weather modification.




Part 9: Science - Breaking Through Old Paradigms

In mainstream science, breaking down new paradigms and going down new paths is not easy. The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said: "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Content Summary / Link


The Connected Universe (2016)


The Connected Universe is documentary film, launched in September 2016 which explores the connection of all things in the Universe. The film is narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart and explores the mechanism of connection of all things in the Universe. Directed by Malcom Carter, the film is based on Nassim Haramein's scientific discoveries concerning the proton radius puzzle and a unified field theory.

Film Web Site: Official site
- Can view trailer, rent or buy movie


Part 10: Health - Vaccination

This is a very controversial topic but the massive health impacts negative side effects can have means that we must be informed and armed with the true pros and cons for each of the vaccines we wish to get for ourselves or our loved ones. It unfortunately does not take much digging to see that the health regulatory agencies now in bed with the vaccine manufacturers, where profits and politics come before providing the safest vaccines possible, minimizing side effects, and keeping the overall priority on maximizing the long term overall patient health.

Content Summary / Link


Vaxxed: from Cover-up to Catastrophe (2016)


This documentary examines the evidence behind a cover-up committed by the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens.

Interviews with pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children reveal an alarming deception that has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism and potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime. Movie web site
- Can buy the DVD or stream the movie


VaxXed Stories: The McDowell Triplets in Michigan (pneumococcal) (2016-12-22)


Brenda and David McDowell visit the VaxXed bus while in Detroit Michigan to the story of all three of their triplets vaccine injury stories following the same pneumococcal vaccine shot.

YouTube: Full interview


Part 11: Health - Grounding

One of the keys to understanding how things work including our bodies is to ask: "How do things in nature work? How were things designed?" Our bodies have evolved through the millenia to be optimized for the environment we live in. Our bodies are designed to be outside, in direct contact with the ground on a regular and often constant basis. Many have rediscovered the benefits of grounding...

Content Summary / Link


The Grounded (2013)


The movie tells the true tale of an Alaskan wildlife filmmaker's persistent curiosity and quest to test the claims of what appears to be an outrageously simple and too good to be true healing concept physical, bare skin contact with the Earth which may have been known by civilizations throughout history. New research has started to confirm the unexpected, that the surface of the Earth has healing power, like a gigantic treatment table. He introduces this concept to his fellow townsmen in Haines, Alaska (population 1,700), many of whom suffer from major pain or disabling conditions. Starting with his own pain relief, he witnesses and films a surprising and miraculous healing in the town generated by simply grounding people to the Earth, that is, reconnecting them to the Earth s healing energy. Even an orphaned moose calf named Karen participates in the healing. The news of the town s response draws the attention of Apollo astronauts who walked on the moon, as well as doctors and scientists.

YouTube: Full documentary
YouTube: Full documentary (extended 1h14m20 version)

Film Web site:

Note: Many companies selling grounding products tell you to connected the grounding wire to the ground of your home electrical system. Depending on your situation, this could expose you to dirty electricity which is not ideal. If you can, the best is to connect your grounding wire directly into the earth/ground.


Down to Earth (2017?)


15-minute Preview of New Grounding Film “Down to Earth” with one of the pioneers of grounding Client Ober.

Vimeo: Full documentary

For more information on grounding:


Part 12: Government - Black Budgets and the Hidden Systems of Finance

A key to understand our world is to understand that through the years, because of government secrecy and covert programs, a parallel system of finance has evolved. Seventy years later, it has grown to such a size that it must be taken into account when trying to understand our economy, political and governance systems.

Content Summary / Link


Joseph P Farrell - Presentation 1 of 2: Bullion, Brains, Bonds: Financial, Historical, and Cultural Analysis of the Breakaway Civilization and its Analytical and Policy-Formation Culture (from Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo)


President Truman decided after the war to create a vast system of hidden finance using the Nazi access loot and put the American intelligence community in the role of international bankers.

The institution of a long-term ‘Mega-Manhattan’ Project to investigate and emulate the technological performance of some UFOs required the establishment of an immense, and entirely hidden, system of finance, which was laid in the years immediately following World War Two, and was based in large part on the utilization of Axis funds, talent, and technology.

YouTube: Full presentation
YouTube: Promo video

Conference Web site:
Conference FaceBook site

Joseph P. Farrell Web site:


Catherine Austin Fitts - The Black Budget: What Does It Mean to US Federal Budget, the Economy and You? (from Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo)


Are financial fraud and market manipulations actually mechanisms for financing the black budget and centralized governance necessitated by high-tech secrecy?

UFO technology: Cui Bono? There may be as much as $100 trillion dollars worth of hardware flying the skies powered by anti-gravity and field-propulsion technologies. This has significant implications for the ownership and design of manufacturing and energy infrastructure on planet earth. It also has connections to trillions of dollars which are “missing” from defense and domestic agency accounts (as reported by official financial reports of the US government). To the extent that the US taxpayer has financed this technology (or its reverse-engineering) why should private corporations own it on a secret basis?

The financial fortunes and geopolitical power involved are significant. If you control these technologies, you possess weaponry sufficient to engineer a financial coup d’Etat and to centralize control of the entire global financial system.

YouTube: Full presentation
YouTube: Promo video

Conference Web site:
Conference FaceBook site

Catherine Austin Fitts Web site:

Digging deeper: Gevernment - Black Budgets and the Hidden Systems of Finance

Additional resources for those who want to explore and understand better our hidden systems of finance:

Content Summary / Link


Marc McCandlish: The Feasiblity of Interstellar Travel (from Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo)


How the back-engineering of off-world technology created powerful leverage for corporations to take over control of world government, establish an internationally-manned, secret space program and break-away civilization.

Based on eye-witness accounts and insider information, Mr. McCandlish takes the audience through a series of revelations as to how remarkable breakthrough technology, may have been back-engineered from recovered or captured off-world vehicles, enabled aerospace and defense-related corporations to hijack control of governments world-wide, create a special access only, secret space program and develop a break-away civilization with its own goals and agenda.

YouTube: Presentation (at 2014 conference)

He previously gave another version of this talk on February 17 2009 to MUFON LA. Compared to the 2014 talk, being longer, it goes into more details about many of the topics although some of the more recent info is missing.

YouTube: Mark McCandlish (02-17-09) Black Projects and Unusual Technology (02:21:56)

Marc McCandlish's Web site:


Joseph P Farrell - Presentation 2 of 2: UFOs, the Tower of Babel Moment, and Space Collateralization and Commercialization: An Analysis of Worst Case Scenario Policy Formation of the Breakaway Civilization (from Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo)


UFO’S show an inordinant interest in our nuclear capabilities…is this because this technology is a gateway to other capabilities.

The perception on the part of the national security apparatus that some UFO activity was hostile, and concerned with nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, plus the secret collateralization of space resources in the hidden system of finance, may have led to the perception that humanity was once again a ‘Tower of Babel Moment’ of history, and this in turn required calculated responses to the UFO in the form of a kind of ‘gunboat diplomacy.’

YouTube: Full presentation
YouTube: Promo video

Conference Web site:
Conference FaceBook site

Joseph P. Farrell Web site:


Part 13: Health - Fluoridation

Fluoridation of water is being touted as one of the great public health successes on the 20th century. Is there a downside to artificial fluoridation of water?

Content Summary / Link


The Great Culling: Our Water (2013)


This movie investigates the health consequences of water fluoridation.

YouTube: full presentation

Official web site:



Part 14: Health - EMF: Electro Magnetic Fields

Wireless communication is transforming our world as we know it. What is not being addressed are the negative health impacts that non-native (artificially created) electro magnetic fields and non-ionizing radiation are starting to create.

Content Summary / Link


Solari Report - Protecting Against EMF - Jason Bawden Smith (2016-11-03)


Environmental scientist and entrepreneur Jason Bawden-Smith from Sydney, Australia joins Catherine Austin Fitts from The Solari Report to discuss his book, In the Dark – New Ways to Avoid the Harmful Effects of Living in a Technologically Connected World.

EMF radiation poses serious health risks. The book In the Dark was written to help people navigate these risks. Jason’s does an excellent job of making this invisible technology visible and helps the reader determine practical steps to ensure they reduce their exposure wherever possible – both physically and financially! Full presentation, preview and transcript

EMF resources site started by Jason Bawden Smith:


EMF Warriors 12 - A Half-Century of Wisdom with Dr. Andrew Marino (2017-11-12)


In this riveting interview with Dr. Andrew Marino, we learn the past landscape of science and politics that has promoted the 2017 saturated world of EMFs. Starting with his new book "Becker the Researcher", Dr. Marino gives us insights about the works of Becker and his own legacy with mainstream and authorities on the subject of EMFs.

The conversation moves into many directions from risk-assessment, the spending of money for research, using the Scientific Method to study effects or mechanisms and the various types of funding and interests. Dr. Marino expands a conversation about what contributed to the reductionistic science of the past in the 1960s, rather than a more system-approach where EMFs studies need to be conducted.

He also corrects the assertion that nearly all studies have the proper controls in place, but are designed to fail
or create the narrative desired.

In the last 30 minutes of the episode, the
questions asked get powerful with The World Health Organization, the current classification of EMFs as a carcinogen, what Dr. Marino would tell a student today, the state of science, human behavior around the issues of EMF hygiene, the ever-growing soup of EMFs into the future, the potential political movement of clout and cancer itself.

YouTube: Interview

Dr. Andrew Marino:
EMF Warriors:


Part 15: Health - Light and Mitochondria

Wireless communication is transforming our world as we know it. What is not being addressed are the negative health impacts that non-native (artificially created) electro magnetic fields and non-ionizing radiation are starting to create.

Content Summary / Link


Dr. Jack Kruse - Part 1 of 2 - How to Bio-Hack Your Zip Code for Optimal Health (from Nourish Vermont 2016)


An amazing talk given by the Neuro Surgeon and Quantum Biologist Dr. Jack Kruse at the Nourish Vermont 2016 conference.

Summary from YouTube: It is not our genes but rather the epigenetic expression of those genes that determines our health and the environment in which we live plays a critical role. Changing our diet is a good start but it is equally important to change the toxic environment in which we live to achieve optimal health. Take a deep dive into the science behind 165 million years of mammalian evolution and find out what went wrong with our modern world and what we can do about it. Beyond the Epi-Paleo Rx, a prescription for optimal health, explore why light, water and magnetism are necessary to achieve our genetic potential. Learn why our environment trumps the food we eat, how sunlight affects hormones, and how blue light disrupts circadian rhythms. Explore how non native EMFs and and a lack of connection to the earth are currently destroying our health. Learn ways to hack your environment to mitigate these dangers. From this perspective, learn why it is important to eat seasonally, why cold is important- the Cold Thermogenesis protocol, and how our loss of connection to the natural world, from sunlight, earthing, seasonal temperature and light cycles are causing the diseases of the modern world.

YouTube: Full presentation


Dr. Jack Kruse - Part 2 of 2 - Your Eyes Create the Reality You Get in Life (from Nourish Vermont 2017)


Another amazing talk given by the Neuro Surgeon and Quantum Biologist Dr. Jack Kruse at the Nourish Vermont 2017 conference.

This is a followup of his 2016 presentation which should be listened to first if you want to maximize your understanding of his 2017 talk.

YouTube: Full presentation

Digging deeper: Health - Light and Mitochondria

Additional resources for those who want to explore the impact of light on one's mithochondria and health:

Content Summary / Link

15C - The Importance of Mitochondrial Health (2017)


Explains very quickly in a graphically form the importance of mitochondia and it's impact on our health.

YouTube: Video


Electromagnetic Effects on Mitochondria (2017)


Myster Spock and Jamie Ann Montiel from take a deeper look into the mitochondria and their electromagnetic fields.

Mitochondria are at the interface of two worlds: the visible and the invisible. This is where electromagnetism and biochemistry meet. They are not only just producers of ATP, they are the strongest source of electromagnetism in the cell! Want to know more?

YouTube: Interview


Part 16: Government - Deep State and Shadow Government

Even the most honest and sincere politicians never seem to keep their promises once elected to a position of power. Is it possible that the have to deal with the deep state and the shadow governement that is there pulling the strings and governing behind the scenes?

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Kevin Shipp - Former CIA Officer Explains The Shadow Government - The Hagmann Report (2017-09-02)


An excellent presentation on the "Deep State" and "Shadow Government". Given by former CIA officer Kevin Shipp who is the host of a weekly radio show called The Intelligence Hour with Kevin Shipp and author of From the Company of Shadows.


Kevin Shipp:


JFK to 911: Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick (2014-11-22)


The who, how & why of the JFK assassination. Taken from an historical perspective starting around World War I leading to present day.

Immediately after the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963, the United States government came to the conclusion that a lone gun man, a former U.S. Marine by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald had changed the course of history by ending the life of the most powerful man in the world. He did it working by himself with three rifle shots fired from the window of an office building. They have stuck rigidly to this explanation while critics, scientist, playwrights and poets have produced books, essays and even films to prove that this version of history defies the laws of physics and common sense.

Most thinking individuals take a look at history and are forced to ask why the government came up with such a lame scenario to account for what had really happened? Also, why did they stubbornly stick to that improbable story for such along time? And why did so many reputable news sources support them in this lie? Is it possible that they were trying to protect someone?

A group of twenty men met the night before the assassination at the home of Dallas oil millionaire Clint Murchison. Who were these men and what could have possibly brought them together to orchestrate such a cold-blooded murder? What did they stand to lose if JFK continued his government plan? And how can it be that these men and what they stood for continue to influence our lives to this very day?

This film is a lesson in history like most people have never heard before. It takes you all the way back to World War I to the moment when industrialists realized that war was good for business and that as long as there was an enemy, people would willingly finance armed forces.

That was not the only lesson the ruling class learned during this time. The system known as ‘Divide and Rule’ invented by the Romans is still being enforced today because the moment the world becomes at peace, thousands of businesses will go bankrupt. Be prepared to take a good look at terrorism and what it really is all about as you watch this film now.


Digging deeper: Government - Deep State and Shadow Government

Additional resources for those who want to explore the deep state and the shadow government:

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Top Secret America - From 9/11 to the Boston Bombings (2011)


This PBS Frontline documentary describes the efforts of Dana Priest and William Arkin to document the explosive size and expense of an out-of-control national security state after 9/11.

Shows the mindset in Washington that lead to the massive expansion behind the "Deep State" and "Shadow Government" after the 9/11 attacks.

YouTube: Documentary


Info Wars - Aaron Russo talks Rockefeller Elite (2011)


Aaron Russo discusses in this segment of Info Wars his conversations with (N) Rockefeller and learns of how they want to control the population through microchips, federal reserve, knew and designed 9/11, wars in the Middle East and much more. This gives you a glimpse into the new world order of the elite.

YouTube: Interview

16E NSA Whistleblower William Binney: The Future of FREEDOM (2015-01-28) 02:35:00

A 36-year veteran of America’s Intelligence Community, William Binney resigned from his position as Director for Global Communications Intelligence (COMINT) at the National Security Agency (NSA) and blew the whistle, after discovering that his efforts to protect the privacy and security of Americans were being undermined by those above him in the chain of command.

YouTube: Interview

16F Ray McGovern: The Deep State Assault on Elected Government Must Be Stopped (2017-04) 01:00:04

Ray McGovern, a 27-year veteran of the CIA and co-founder of VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity) speaks on Trumpgate: the hogwash claims that Vladimir Putin put Trump in power and runs his policy. This isn't true, and represents, not a Democrat-Republican fight, but a fight between elected government and the Deep State.

YouTube: Interview,

Full transcript

16G The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government by David Talbot (2016)  

This book describes the role that Allen Dulles had in the rise of the national security state. It also presents shocking new evidence in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Dulles’s decade as the director of the CIA—which he used to further his public and private agendas—were dark times in American politics. Calling himself “the secretary of state of unfriendly countries,” Dulles saw himself as above the elected law, manipulating and subverting American presidents in the pursuit of his personal interests and those of the wealthy elite he counted as his friends and clients—colluding with Nazi-controlled cartels, German war criminals, and Mafiosi in the process. Targeting foreign leaders for assassination and overthrowing nationalist governments not in line with his political aims, Dulles employed those same tactics to further his goals at home.

Book: The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government by David Talbot (2016)


Part 17: Health - Exercise and a Positive Mental State

Exercise and movement are key for our health as is a positive mental state. What we focus on creates our reality!

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Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation! (2012)


Arthur Boorman was a disabled veteran of the Gulf War for 15 years, and was told by his doctors that he would never be able to walk on his own, ever again.

Here is an amazing journey of recovery back to well-being and full health. His story is proof, that we cannot place limits on what we are capable of doing, because we often do not know our own potential.



Part 18: Economy - Central Banking Model and Fiat Currency

Exercise and movement are key for our health as is a positive mental state. What we focus on creates our reality!

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The FED, IRS, Debt & Solutions – A Dissertation by G. Edward Griffin (2013)


G. Edward Griffin is a writer and documentary film producer with many successful titles to his credit including the best selling book The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve now in its 5th Edition.

In this dissertation, delivered at California State University, Fresno in 2013, G. Edward Griffin discusses the Federal Reserve; its collection arm, the Internal Revenue Service; the specter of the enormous debt in the United States; world politicl ideologies and solutions to the corrupt system.

YouTube: presentation

G. Edward Griffin sites:


Charlie Rose/ Sir James Goldsmith Interview (1994-11-15)


In this prophetic and powerful interview from 1994, Sir James Goldsmith discusses the ramifications of free-trade agreements that were about to take place in 1994. His predictions of what would happen if GATT went through has come true. His message of the impacts of globalization still apply today.

YouTube: Interview


Digging deeper: Economy - Central Banking Model and Fiat Currency

Additional resources for those who want to explore the deep state and the shadow government:

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Forum Borealis- This is the Black Economy - A conversation with Catherine Fitts (2017)


YouTube: Forum Borealis- This is the Black Economy - A conversation with Catherine Fitts (2017)
Part 1
Part 2 (02:13:08)

Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of The Solari Report and former Federal Commissioner for HUD under Bush Sr., spills the beans about global financial fraud, mortgage scams, & the Black Budget. In part 1 Mrs. Fitts share her personal journey of discovery from Wall St to the Bush regime. In Part 2 we take on specific facts & figures, understanding the global black economy & how it's larger than the white. Some issues touched:
- How much assets did Bormann control after WW2?
- Will a world crash end oligarch power?
- How's the Deep State looting YOU?
- How's minimum 21 trillion $ sacked from U.S. state?
- How was 9/11 a plunder party?
- What's the hidden system of finance?
- How many officials know & how many are in on it?
- Do foreign powers know?
- Is there in-fighting at the top?
- How to get out of the mess?
- Can a POTUS impose change?
- What's blackmailing control files?
- What ECON models work?
- How's the black budget laundered?
- What's it producing & where?
- + a story about karma...


Part 19: Business - Consumerism

In our day to day lives, we are all consumers. There is an expression... "buyer's beware". Are we as infomred as we should be?

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The Light Bulb Conspiracy: The Untold Storty of Planned Obsolesence (2010)


This documentary is about the negative effects of consumerism and planned obsolescence.

Once upon a time..... products were made to last. Then, at the beginning of the 1920s, a group of businessmen were struck by the following insight: 'A product that refuses to wear out is a tragedy of business' (1928). Thus Planned Obsolescence was born. Shortly after, the first worldwide cartel was set up expressly to reduce the life span of the incandescent light bulb, a symbol for innovation and bright new ideas, and the first official victim of Planned Obsolescence. During the 1950s, with the birth of the consumer society, the concept took on a whole new meaning, as explained by flamboyant designer Brooks Stevens: 'Planned Obsolescence, the desire to own something a little newer, a little better, a little sooner than is necessary...'. The growth society flourished, everybody had everything, the waste was piling up (preferably far away in illegal dumps in the Third World) - until consumers started rebelling... Can the modern growth society survive without Planned Obsolescence? Did the eternal light bulb ever exist? How can a tiny chip 'kill' a product? How did two artists from New York manage to extend the lives of millions of iPods? Is Planned Obsolescence itself becoming obsolete?


Official Facebook page: //



Other videos

The videos in the list below are not key to a good understanding of our reality but are interesting nevertheless

Other 1

The Best Titanic Conspiracy Documentary (2012)


Even the official narrative of the sinking of the Titanic may be wrong. It is a story that has left many questions unanswered, and the documentary provides an intriguing hypothesis that the ship that plummeted two miles to the bottom of the sea was not the Titanic but its sister ship the Olympic.

This film is based upon the research of Andrew Newton and includes the evidence of the British and American inquiries, the eye witness reports of survivors, newspapers of the day, photographs, video, film and radio broadcasts.

YouTube: Full documentary

Other 2

Slaughterbots (2017)


We’re on the verge of creating autonomous weapons that can kill without any help from humans. Thousands of experts are concerned about this – and the latest campaign effort against this tech is this disturbing video demonstrating the kind of future we’re heading for.

YouTube: video





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