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Welcome to the section of the website focusing on knowledge presented by the Keshe Foundation which is headed by the physicist Mehran T. Keshe. His foundation presents a tremendous amount of information on plasma and its application in the area of energy, health, transport and the well-being of humanity.

Mehran T. Keshe

Keshe Foundation Workshop and Teaching Index

A big challenge at the present time is that the teachings done by Mr. Keshe have primarily been done via 300+ workshops and lectures each lasting on average from 2-4 hours. The videos are spread over multiple YouTube and LiveStream channels. In addition, there is no easy way to find out in which talk he talked about a particular subject.

You will find a link below to a page containing links to all publically available talks given by Mr. Keshe and the Keshe Foundation. It also presents a high level summary of what is discussed in each video so you can easily search for a given topic. Finally, when available, it provides links to available transcripts, notes and translations.

Maintaining and enriching this compilation is a collective effort. If you have transcripts, notes or translation that you would like to share with others, please send them to us and we will add them.

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Magrav Power Unit (Generation 1) Construction Presentation

A presentation in French was made last December to an inventor's group in Quebec who was putting together a Keshe day. This talk included a summary of what the Magrav Power Unit is all about, how it works and the steps to build one.

This presentation was upgraded to improve its acuracy, was translated into English, and the portions related to Magrav construction were extracted from it and is being made available below. Note that this is for the first generation unit for which the blue prints were relased late October 2015 and reflects the state of knowledge around April 2016.


  • The presentation was made using Keynote on a Mac and the PDF was generated from this version. A export into Microsoft PowerPoint is made available but keep in mind that the formatting and alignment is a bit off in certain places. Use the PDF or Keynote version if possible...
  • A few slides in the French version have not been translated and are still in English. Any volunteers???


Keshe Related Links

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Last modified: August 17, 2016