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Welcome to This website has as objective to present transformational solutions and starts with the principle that together we can make a difference.

Our society today faces many challenges. With the advent of the informational age, the global awareness of our current situation has greatly increased and in many areas has gone mainstream. This is exciting because it is only when issues are brought to consciousness that they can be effectively dealt with. People are starting to realize that their actions have impacts and are starting to adjust their behaviours. As a society, we are waking up!

Throughout my life, I have been very lucky to meet and be exposed to people and ideas that were at the leading edge, often outside the mainstream norms. In addition to helping me keep an open mind, it has helped me come to KNOW that new ways of doing things are CURRENTLY available. These solutions need to be put out there, and then need to be promoted and nurtured until they become mainstream.

This website is my attempt in starting to start bringing together in one place information about some of the working transformational solutions, technologies, techniques and ideas that can have a profound impact on our society and planet. I intend for it to be a continual work in progress.

Can one person do it alone?.... DEFINITELY NOT.

Can a group of us.... showing leadership and working at the grassroots level make a difference?.... ABSOLUTELY.

People greatly underestimate what can be done at the grassroots level. If enough voices are heard and if enough people start demanding for a more harmonious direction to be taken, concrete change will happen. Look at Gandhi... he got sufficient people inspired to change a nation. Why cannot the same be done again for the good of our planet and mankind?

Remember this African proverb: If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Share with those you know some of the ideas contained on this website or some of your own. Start using some of these transformational solutions or applying some others that are presently out there. If you know of something that needs to be put on this website, please let me know.

Let us begin together this exciting journey.


With love and hope...

Michel Foisy


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  • 2017-01-29 Updates to the Kf Teaching Index and Transcription Coordination page:
    • Added transcripts:
      • Kids Knowledge Seeker Workshops 1 to 22 These workshops have now been officially transcribed by the KfSSI subtitling/transcription team. If you go on YouTube and turn on the subtitling function, you will see subtitles in 13+ languages. The English SRT subtitle files are available here for those who download the videos to their PC and also want to see subtitles. The subtitles are also available in TXT format (without the time codes) for those who just want to read the transcripts.
        I have left for workshops 1-12 the old drat transcripts in PDF and DOC version for now. They might not be as accurate but have been slightly edited and are gramatically more correct.




Last modified: May 25, 2017